The night sky

On the drive home from Christchurch back to Wanaka I thought that it was long overdue that I had another crack at astrophotography! When driving through Mackenzie Country you are constantly reminded that this is a 'star-gazers paradise' due to it's exceptionally clear skies. Lake Tekapo and the old church that adorns it's lakeside is a classic location for milky way shots, and on a clear night when the milky way is in the optimal position, you'll often see up to 50 photographers lined up side by side all bustling for the same shot! Once again I'm not a fan of repeating overly seen photos, but like the Wanaka tree, it's sometimes just too hard to resist. So after setting up in the classic spot waiting for the sky to darken it slowly became apparent that I was in the wrong spot and that the milky way was rising in the opposite direction...rookie error. So I relocated finding a less favoured spot and snapped the photo below. I think with more practice I could nail this shot, but until next time this is what I came away with.